Improve Your Improv

Improve Your Improv was a bi-weekly show that I hosted on The Corps Dance Crew's Instagram Live where I have a virtual dance improv session with a different member of the company. We explored different exercises and ways to improve our movement when it comes to freestyling and had discussions of varying topics that surround the world of dance.

Improvisation Workshops

I am a part of the street dance community and I get asked by studios or different dance groups to teach workshops. This video contains footage of a class that I taught and the objective was to generate inspiration for movement using experimental concepts. I would give a concept to the group and I would play a random song, and it was up to them to interpret the concept with movement. I also focused on working with in pairs or in groups so that the dancers could be exposed to a different way of moving than their own. At the end of class, I had the pleasure of doing some improv with some of my students!

Collection of notes I would take reflecting back on each session and what happened during the sessions.

Chance Sessions

I wanted to give an opportunity for dancers to experiment and work on their own artistry without feeling like they needed to perform or be perfect. I hosted these freestyle sessions in small groups with a strict no recording policy to allow dancers to forget about dancing for a camera or an audience, and just be present. In these sessions, I lead different exercises and games that would challenge them to think outside their comfort zone, help them discover new movement, and connect them to dance in an organic way. I would also fuse acting exercises and improv games I had learned and adapted them in a dance setting.