the unusual suspects theatre company

Unusual Suspects provides "20-week after-school theatre workshops in multiple middle and high schools and juvenile detention centers as well as intergenerational theatre workshops for residents in those communities. The performing arts curriculum, which adheres to California state educational content standards, focuses on story and script development, and producing and performing a completed stage play. In these workshops, youth increase their language and writing skills, learn how to work collaboratively, and develop empathy and lifelong problem-solving skills." -The Unusual Suspects

Unusual Suspects Brainstorm

We worked with four girls at the Dorothy Kirby Juvenile Detention Center to create an original play. During one of our workshops, we asked them to anonymously write "Genie Wishes" for different people (a wish for yourself, a wish for your family, a wish for the world, etc.). Afterwards, we collected all the wishes, read them out loud together and came up with this brainstorm which became the base of our play. The common themes were family and seeking a better life during hard times. These girls are only about 16 years old and they have already endured so much hardship. It is a rewarding experience to give them an outlet where they can express themselves.